Unique research: Gender in the Belarusian Media Landscape

From Belarus we hear about unrest and the arrests of people who are taking part in protests. At the same time, a unique research conducted by Fojo and its partners in Belarus show how gender bias is built into the power structures of media organisations and how women are the ones losing out.

In summary, there is still a long way to go for Belarusian media to become gender aware and fulfil their democratic obligation to feature multiple voices, representing different needs and interests. In order to motivate change processes in the local media industries, much more research needs to be done to get a fuller picture. Referring to international data and experience is not enough, only when there is reliable local data to relate to awareness will be raised and change will (hopefully) come about.

The research was carried out on a national basis in 2016 and consisted of in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and an on-line questionnaire, totalling more than 120 respondents.

Read Gender in the Belarusian Media Landscape here.