Prothom Alo: Bribes by the ‘kg’ in Titas Gas

”The thieves in Titas are always stealing. But they haven’t been caught red-handed so we are unable to do anything.” Said the energy and mineral resources secretary of the Anti-Corruption Commission.

Follow Prothom Alo’s investigation on the bribe allegations of Titas, a Bangladeshi distribution company of the country’s Oil, Gas and Minerals Resources Corporation. The breaking story uncovers how Tita’s officials use SMS when dealing with bribes. Prothom Alo traces text conversations between managers and middlemen and finds that ‘kg’ is not the measurement for weight but for bribes. The team have been investigating for month to be able to reveal this shocking story.

The story is followed by two articles that reviews the aftermath of their breaking story and how authorities react to the discoveries.

Prothom Alo is the leading Daily in Bangladesh and well known for their courage to publish independent reports. The story is original published in Bangla but translated in their English service. We can recommend to read the Bangla version if you understand the language. We will follow with interest the outcome of this story.

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