Maasranga: Corruption in North South University

While the tuition fee at the distinguished North South University in Bangladesh is increasing each year, many students are struggling to make ends meet. But where does the profit end up?

By analysing financial reports, revealing irregularities and investigating board members’ activities, Onushudan has shed light on corruption at non-profit universities that affects the future of many students. This is first episode of the investigate show Onushudan developed by Maasranga TV with the support from MRDI and Fojo Media Institute.

Among other things, the investigative team received support in building a team, conducting research, designing the format of the show and how to dwelve into a story. The show will be broadcasted in six episodes per season and is unique to what has been seen before on Bangladeshi TV. Following episodes will focus on other universities to demonstrate the systematic nature of corruption at universities. The report has incited change by inspiring journalists all over Bangladesh to learn more about investigative journalism. It has also driven Bangladeshi authorities to react by launching an inquiry on corruption in universities. We will follow with great interest what Onushudan reveal next.