Maasranga: Climate Change Drives Child Marriage in Bangladesh

“My friend Sonia is married, I heard. She doesn’t come to school.”

In this report the young reporter Saurav Rahman has investigated how child marriage is linked to climate change. The most common reason for girls in the coastal village Char Patila in Bangladesh to not show up in school is because of child marriage. Due to climate change, families have been affected by flooding and riverbank erosion but it has also led to underprivileged families marrying off their daughters at a young age. The story offers a brief insight on how climate change has prevented girls in Bangladesh from graduating school.

Saurav Rahman is one of the participants of the mentorship programme that has been investigating matters related to gender inequality. The programme is led by mentors incollaboration with MRDI and Fojo. With training and support from the mentor, Saurav Rahman has covered a story that topped the news for two days. He is now working on digging further into the topic and making a documentary.