Maasranga: Certificates for sale!

Watch this intriguing episode where the team on the investigative show Onushudan uncovers a syndicate who runs deep in the system of colleges in Dhaka.

The syndicate makes it easy for those who with little effort want to achieve the best result in the higher secondary school certificate examination. During the past 10 years, 150 colleges have been approved by the Dhaka Education Board, but are they really colleges or a front to make money?

In disguise and hidden cameras, the team sets out to expose how different colleges in Dhaka can help students to manipulate their examination results for a cost. The team follows a trail that leads them to the highest institution – the Dhaka Education Board.

In this episode, Onushudan meets with the Bangladeshi Minister of Education to show their remarkable findings. The Minister is astonished and promises to take actions against the activities.

The university investigation is the first season of Onushudan and we follow with great interest what they will reveal in their next season.

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