Maasranga: Business in the name of education

The investigative show Onushudan continues their investigation of private universities. In this episode we follow the team and their search for answers on how it is possible to make a fortune by running a non-profit university.

Universities in Bangladesh are legally obliged to be non-profit. However, the team’s investigation in financial statements of 20 universities finds that nepotism, lack of proper audits and profits from owning land are some ways for the university management to make money on students.

Students and their families spend hard earned money on education and in return the expectation is to get a good education and a certificate that will help them find a job. This episode of Onushudan shows how at the end of it, it is the students who suffer.

The investigate show Onushudan is developed by Maasranga TV with the support from MRDI and Fojo Media Institute.

Following episodes will focus on other universities to demonstrate the systematic nature of corruption at universities. The report has incited change by inspiring journalists all over Bangladesh to learn more about investigative journalism. It has also driven Bangladeshi authorities to react by launching an inquiry on corruption in universities. We will follow with great interest what Onushudan reveal next.

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