Jamuna TV: Terror in the hills

The investigative team 360 Degree from Jamuna TV has stumbled upon a story of a 44-year-old NGO with the ambition to make Bangladesh self-dependent. However, as greed started a conflict in 2014, the NGO is now near falling to pieces.

Majeda, a Bangladeshi woman living in Dhaka, started to work selling puffed rice like many women in her neighbourhood. To start off her business she took a loan from the NGO Swanirvar Bangladesh. When the team 360 Degree from Jamuna TV visits her, she tells them the credit program she relies upon has suddenly stopped and she can no longer get a loan. Majeda goes on telling her story that the instalments she made to the field officer at Swanirvar to pay off the loan never made it to the bank.

The team could never expect the plot behind why the organization is failing piece by piece. Until 2014 the NGO ran smoothly but when a conflict began between the founding treasurer and chairman of the organization, it became so infected that four years later Swanirvar cannot distribute loans nor pay its employees.

Follow 360 Degree when they discover the lies and corruption that has penetrated the NGO and affected a lot of people connected to the organization.

The team at Jamuna TV has broadcasted a remarkable 200 investigative shows since its start. MRDI and Fojo has worked together with the team to renew and improve the quality of the show. The team has produced one unique programme per week throughout the year and we’re excited to see what will follow next.