New research: Gender in the Russian Media Landscape

Hem/Nyheter/New research: Gender in the Russian Media Landscape

With support from Fojo and its Russian partners, researches from the The Russian Scientific Academy Institution conducted a gender research during the autumn of 2016. The findings shows how gender bias is built into the power structures of media organisations and how women are the ones loosing out within the Russian media landscape.

The research shows that on the local level women make up more than half of the Russian executives in media, but closer to power, fewer women. In regional media 36 percent of the executives are women, in some regions the number is 60 percent. But among the 30 largest federal printed media the number was only 10 percent.

Russian researchers talk about a gender pyramid where women have limited access to leadership in the media with the widest audience.

The study displayed as well that female journalists are influenced by gender stereotypes no less than their male counterparts. Gender stereotypes that describe some topics as a typically male preserve remains to some extent.

The research was carried out on a national basis in October 2016 and consisted of in-depth interviews and an on-line questionnaire covering more than 300 respondents from different regions of Russia. Read it here (in Russian).