Action 4 Transparency Mentorship Programme

In November 2017 A4T, in cooperation with United States International University (USIU), offered a training on investigative and data mining journalism in order to enhance the quality of stories on corruption and collaborative work among journalists.45 journalists (out of 125 applicants) were selected for the three-day training. The journalists had different backgrounds; mainstream journalists, citizen journalists/community media journalists and journalism students and bloggers.

The participants got insights on alternative publishing platforms for their stories, noting that some media outlets or their editors are at times compromised not to publish sensitive stories either due to economic considerations to retain profits or unethical corrupt practices. Many citizens in Kenya turn to alternative sources, such as citizen journalists and bloggers, hoping to find different voices without an agenda. These voices are becoming more important as the space for media and independent journalism is shrinking in Kenya.

After the training, each journalist was offered an opportunity to pitch an investigative story idea on corruption. 10 story ideas were then picked and offered grants and mentorship, to enable the journalists to dig deeper to investigate corruption.

The A4T grant and mentorship begun in March 2018. During these mentorship period the mentors gave inception, weekly and final reports. Below are some of the published results from the mentorship programme.