”Information disorder is a serious issue in almost all Asian countries”

Hem/Nyheter/”Information disorder is a serious issue in almost all Asian countries”

On December 13-15, the Faculty of Journalism and Communication at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, part of Vietnam National University, hosted a series of news literacy workshops targeted at media educators and practitioners from Southeast Asian countries.

2018 Institute for News Literacy Fellows in Asia offered educators in the field of news literacy from around the region a comprehensive platform to discuss how to improve their pedagogy.

Instructor Masato Kajimoto, JMSC Assistant Professor of Practice, along with 16 participants from Vietnam, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines and, for the first time, Japan – completed three-day workshop learning how to teach news literacy concepts and integrate them into their own courses and curriculums.

”The one theme that went through the whole three-day workshop is this notion that information disorder is a serious issue in almost Asian countries, and fact-checking and verification is one way to tackle this problem but that is not enough. So what else we do is the main theme of this year’s workshop”, Assistant Professor Masato Kajimoto said.

While Ms. Nai Nai, Regional coordinator of Fojo Media Institute, recognized the workshop as a balanced sharing program with theories, activities, and reflections, Kayo Mimizuka Inamasu, Board member of Japan Center of Education for Journalists addressed: ”We talked about fake news and how we are combating this problem. And in each country, they have different situations. So it is helpful for me to learning different problems in different contexts”.

This is the second time the workshop held in Vietnam, in collaboration with the Center for News Literacy at Stony Brook University, USA and The Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC), the University of Hong Kong.

This article is originally published on 21 Dec 2018, by Faculty of Journalism and Communication of Vietnam National University HCMC. The original article can be found here >>