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Would you like to know who has liked and shared posts that you and others have published on Twitter? If so, data analyst Luca Hammer has developed a user-friendly tool you can use.

Go to the top of the page and enter the username you want to search for, click on “Analyse” and soon after you will get a graph showing a range of information about the account in question, including retweeters and commenters, where the account links to in their posts, and which hashtags have been used.

You need a Twitter account and to log in to it in order to use the tool.

Do you want to check if someone has a Twitter account? Enter the person’s name in the search field. Less common names produce better results.

Botometer is a tool that runs an assessment/appraisal of whether an account is a bot or is genuine. Enter the account you want to search for and then wait for the search engine to work. You can also search for a Twitter account’s followers. If the botometer turns red, the bot warning is high.

Twitter’s advanced search tools offer a range of options. You can search using defined time periods, single words, whole phrases, different languages, and much more.