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For those who want to know more, there are, among other things, reading tips, a glossary and a summary of research that is relevant.

Immerse yourself and reading tips

Basic principles of source criticism

A fact-checker should choose his/her sources carefully and consider the principle of source criticism that uses two independent sources for assistance. Below are suggestions for sources containing mat…

Reading tip: “Factfulness”

Stop looking for scapegoats, learn to think two thoughts at the same time, and don’t expect the news to help you understand the world. These are only a few of the things that Professor Hans Rosling hi…

Basic principles of source criticism

Source criticism is a scientifically designed method for evaluating information and its authors. Regardless of whether it is literature, a blog, a research report or a radio spot, the basic principles…

Reading tip: “Good Sweden, Bad Sweden”

“Sweden’s reputation has been hijacked by groups that oppose the values the country stands for”, writes Paul Rapacioli in his book Good Sweden, Bad Sweden.