Compilation of resources for monitoring the corona situation

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A compilation of links to databases, reports, webinars and other material that can be helpful in monitoring the pandemic follows below.

Reports and studies on the infodemic

Pandemic Populism: Facebook Pages of Alternative News Media and the Corona Crisis – A Computational Content Analysis. Researchers at Muenster University, Germany, have analysed alternative German media reporting on COVID-19 2020. They identify something they call pandemic populism. Among other things, pandemic populism involves ideologically driven and contradictory reporting that is aimed at creating confusion and building up a threat scenario.

Coronavirus Coverage by State-Backed English-Language News Sources. Researchers at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, have analysed the coronavirus reporting by government-run, English-language news sites in China, Iran, Turkey and Russia, and their study covers publication activities. Among other things, the researchers have identified several dominant narratives, such as tributes to a country’s own regime.

Types, sources, and claims of COVID-19 misinformation. A study by the Reuters Institute. The study consists of the analysis of 225 fact-checked publications with coronavirus-related misinformation and the material was published in the beginning of 2020. Among other things, the researchers concluded that English-language fact-checking activities have increased by 900 per cent during the current period. Six out of ten factual errors were disinformation, meaning they contained something that was true but then skewed in different ways. Almost four out of ten publications were so-called “fake news”, meaning they were completely invented.

Globala Institute for Strategic Dialogue, ISDregularly publishes reports on its infodemic analyses. This issue, publication date 27 March 2020describes the most common conspiracy theories, among other things. A report from 9 april explains how the extreme right is using the pandemic to further its purposes.