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Get inspired by fact-checkers’ work around the world, learn their basic principles and read interviews with experts to increase your understanding of, for example, why it is important to stop misinformation

Fojo check gives you what you need for your fact-checks – research tips, links to credible sources and much more

Latest posts

Checklist: Reporting on statistical surveys

Press releases based on statistics and surveys are becoming more common. But how can it be ensured that the statistics are accurate and don’t just favour the person or persons who ordered them?

Keep track of Twitter

Would you like to know who has liked and shared posts that you and others have published on Twitter? If so, data analyst Luca Hammer has developed a user-friendly tool you can use.

Viral Checker’s Handbook

Linnéa Jonjons and Åsa Larsson co-founded Metro’s Viralgranskaren viral checker and together have published the book “Viralgranskarens handbok”. (“The Viral Checker’s Handbook”), a handbook on how to …

Fojo check is a project run by Fojo Media Institute with the support of Anderstiftelsen and Barometernstiftelsen.
Fojo is an independent institute for media development at Linnaeus University in Kalmar.
Fojo check will follow and report on research and development of methods, tools and models for fact-checking and handling errors on the internet in Sweden and internationally, conduct dialogue with authorities, organizations and the media industry, support individual media initiatives to conduct fact-checking and arrange training for media actors.