Zoom for staff

Actually, this page is more about how to succeed with great online meetings

Our Zoom starting page is a great place to start reading, we really recommend all staff to read that. Especially the part about security has been a hot potato these last weeks.

Here’s a short guide on how to schedule and create Zoom meetings in your Outlook calendar:


More things to consider:

When you attend a meeting, it’s crucial that you focus on being a participant and nothing else. This is equally important whether it’s a meeting at the office or online. At the same time, it’s fully understandable you might have a ton of things to do and it’s very easy to get distracted or interrupted by incoming emails. To avoid this, we suggest you try to plan like this:

  • Prepare your “meeting room” as much as you can: get your screen, keyboard, mouse, headphones and mic ready. Clear the kitchen table from dirty dishes if that’s where you’re sitting, pre-load the coffee machine and fill up your glass of water and make sure you have good lighting and a comfy chair.
  • Dress like any normal day at the office. Putting on work clothes will get you mentally prepared for work, it will put you in a state much more effective than if you’d still be in your pajamas or sweatpants.
  • If you really have to check your email – do this before e meeting starts and then shut down the email app (also on your phone).

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