ZimMedia21: Increased access to reliable information

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The ZimMedia21 programme, which spanned over three years, successfully strengthened independent media, improved access to reliable information for marginalized communities, and contributed to positive changes in media policy.

The overall objective of the programme was to promote informed citizenship and active participation in democratic governance and development. Recognizing the crucial role of media in providing access to information and facilitating public debate, the programme specifically targeted credible mainstream and alternative media outlets that could reach a significant portion of the population.

The final evaluation of the programme revealed that the partners involved were able to reach millions of people, empowering citizens to utilize information access to bring about positive change. For example, women in a suburb of Harare were able to expose corruption at a maternity clinic through the use of Community Radio Harare, leading to the elimination of bribery practices.

The support provided to media organizations through the programme also resulted in successful advocacy for media reform. One notable outcome was the licensing of additional players in the broadcasting sector, including 14 community radios, 6 private TV stations, and 19 campus radios during the programme period.

For further details, please refer to the full report and the accompanying video of Community Radio Harare.

Programme information  


Strengthening citizen engagement in marginalised rural and urban communities through innovative media and communication platforms in Zimbabwe
Project duration: May 2019-August 2022
Location: Zimbabwe
Area: Media development
Donors: SDIA



MISA Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ)
Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ
The Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Initiatives (ZACRAS)
Gender Media Connect (GMC)
Media Centre & TellZim consortium
Bus Stop Tv
Magamba Network