With funding from Sida, a 3-year series of in-house training, regional Training of Trainers for the Newsroom and business courses was designed using data from an in-depth consultation on training needs, launched at an international conference in January 2013.

From 2013 to 2016 Fojo was working on this project with 14 independent exiled media outlets that broadcast and publish uncensored news to audiences in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tibet, Uzbekistan, Zambia, Zimbabwe and 3 media outlets that were in transition from exile to mainstream in Myanmar.

Stories from Tibet

  • Senior editor Norsang and Peldon Tenzin sits down with a detailed week for week election coverage plan.

    Celebrating voting in exile

    – Election coverage is different here than in other countries, says Peldon Tenzin, editor in Chief of Voice of Tibet. Exiled journalists have an added responsibility for the country, and can even be b...

  • Voice of Tibet 1

    Hardship meeting ethical journalism goals

    -Being a Tibetan, with the struggle going on, sometimes when you hear news of self-immolations and writers and singers being imprisoned coming out of your country, you cannot help being affected as an...

  • Media in Exile: Problems and solutions

    Publication of Baseline Study of Fojo's Exiled Media Partners' Needs and Challenges. Fojo Media Institute's "Strengthening Independent Media in Exile" project (2012 – 2015) supports exiled media – so...

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