Fojo Media Institute together with International Media Support (IMS) manages a media development programme in Somalia and Somaliland with the objective of enabling the media sector to become a driver of peace, reconciliation, accountability and citizen participation.
The programme runs from 2014-2018 and is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.
Among results of the programme:
• Safety awareness training of more than 200 Somali journalists instilled a greater sense of alertness and according to some journalists saved their lives in bombings and suicide attacks in Mogadishu.
• Seven Somali radio stations saw a direct increase in revenue as a result of the Somali Business Training Programme. Three stations introduced new revenue streams, and six strengthened their financial sustainability and thus their editorial independence.
• 90% of participants in Women in News leadership programme were promoted to more senior positions.
• A guidebook on election reporting and training of more than 200 journalists in ethical and responsible election reporting contributed to improved media performance during the 2017 Somaliland elections.
• Somaliland media organisations trained in advocacy successfully challenged the Government’s monopoly on issuing press cards.
• Female voices on Somali humanitarian radio, Radio Ergo, increased to an average of 35-40 %.

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