Southeast Asia Media Training Network (SEAMTN)

The project is aimed at strengthening free, independent and professional journalism while supporting freedom of expression. In Sotheast Asia the project aims to strengthen the capacity of mid-career journalism training institutions in a regional network that initially covers Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam through the following approaches:

  • Active community building
    Members develop a common vision that will promote a cohesive, mutually supportive active network that grows over time to promote and sustain the standards of professional media training. They will then have the potential to act as a driving vehicle for democratic media development in the region.
  • Knowledge management and sharing
    Members are enabled to directly draw on each other's expertise and exchange experiences, and learn from each other in a peer-to-peer network on topics such as the implementation of training needs assessments and the further development of standards abd curricula.
  • Resource mobilisation
    The network taps into regional media training expertise and knowledge for capacity development and digital security.

Project outcomes & Highlights

  • Establishment of a regional mechanism for peer-to-peer learning and regional cooperation, including partners from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.
  • Increasing network members' understanding of the significance of regional and cross-border reporting on issues of regional relevance, such as environment and climate change and gender equality.
  • Network members are expected to manage mid-career training institutes efficiently and effectively
  • Network members offer systematic high-quality mid-career training to media practitioners in the region, meeting contemporary needs of the media industry.

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