Gender in the Myanmar Media Landscape (2015)

In the first study of its kind conducted in Myanmar, the report conducted by Fojo Media Institute and IMS, looks to assess the current status of gender equity in the country's media sector. April 2015

The findings shed light on the relative position of women in the country's fledgling media scene.

While the Myanmar media sector continues its rapid development following the begining of a democratic reform process in 2011, gender equity in the media sector has not been examined closely or addressed until now. Although female media practitioners are well-represented in newsrooms making up for over 50% of staff on average, media institutions remain male dominated on levels of decision making. This results in two main challenges for women within the industry: a lack of opportunity to advance their careers and an absence of institutional mechanisms supportive of female media workers.

Based on UNESCO's model curriculum for journalism education, the study was undertaken acknowledging media's essential role in the promotion of equity in the Myanmar society. To change the existing gender roles, the media itself must mirror gender equity within the media institutions, both in policy and practice. A professional media that respects gender equity, promotes liberal values and a plural society can positively contribute to a country in transition like Myanmar and help shape its future.

The study "Gender in the Myanmar Media Landscape" was conducted with the support of IMS and the Swedish International Development Agency Cooperation.