What we do

Today, Fojo is Sweden’s leading international media development institute as well as the leading centre for mid-career capacity building of Swedish journalists.

Fojo is an independent institution at the non-profit public Linnaeus University, one of Sweden’s biggest universities. In this capacity, Fojo stands free from commercial and political interests, free to make independent decisions on how to serve journalism, freedom of expression and democracy. We use our experiences in Sweden and internationally to continue building institutional and individual capacity. We also strengthen free, independent and professional journalism using other approaches, such as regional networking and managing IT-related and organisational support structures that strengthen journalism in its function to uphold democracy and respect for human rights.

Fojo is headquartered in the university town of Kalmar in Southeast Sweden. Additionally, Fojo has offices and representation in Stockholm, Bangkok, Dhaka, Harare, Yangon, Nairobi and Mogadishu.