Sustainable journalism resources

Here you can find useful resources for improving your knowledge on sustainable journalism.

We are journalists, researchers, educators and media leaders that develop knowledge and practice on how journalism can be more sustainable and at the same time contribute to a sustainable society: in research, education, business and journalistic practice. 

 We jointly develop knowledge and practice about the relationship between journalism and sustainability: in research, education, business and journalistic practice. We cooperate in an informal and deliberative environment. 

Anthology by the inventors of the concept: Professor Peter Berglez, Professor Ulrika Olausson and Mart Ots.

Article by Lars Tallert for the Global Investigative Journalism Network

Includes an interesting chapter on the relation between journalism and sustainability.

Focusing on the need for a sustainable media system, taking into account that it will require conscious effort the media industry, of consumers, and ultimately at the level of regulatory authorities.

This paper concludes that “unsustainability is rarely questioned in humanitarian media projects, but it becomes critical when the emergency project becomes a long-term endeavour…This is concerning because over the past three decades studies have shown that scattered, unrelated interventions have no effect or are even counterproductive.”

This report does not amount to a call to stop innovating, nor justification for doing so, but it is a plea to avoid unsustainable approaches to innovation that fail to take account of potentially negative impacts – approaches that risk wasting time, effort, and money, without real returns.

The Constructive Institute’s take on sustainable journalism. Industries from fashion to food are turning away from fast, damaging and unethical practices and finding profit in their pivot. What can newsrooms and journalists do going forward to ensure that our businesses sustain society for future generations?

The basis for sustainable development, including sustainable journalism.