Rwanda: UR, ICK Students Get TV Hands-on Skills

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This article was written by Marie Joyeuse Iradukunda, and reproduced here with her permission. Please find the original article here.

On Friday, November 27, 2022, a team of ten students completed five days training on TV production which was held in Muhanga district, organized by Pax Press in partnership with Fojo Media Institute.

Beneficiaries include five students from University of Rwanda (UR) and Institut Catholique de Kabgayi respectively. It aimed at sharpening the students’ skills in video footages, video recording, audio recording and video editing. Marie Jeanne Umutoni, a student from UR says that the training meets her expectations.

Marie Jane Umutoni, UR student

“It is not the first time I have studied TV Production because we have the program at school. What is unique about this training is that we did many practices compared to what we had at school,” she said. She further said that it is a privilege to gain skills in the field of videography because she will use them in the future.

Daniel Kwibuka, ICK student said that he learnt how to use a mobile telephone for filming and editing. “Before this training I knew how to record videos but it was just elementary compared to what I got from here. I used to edit   with the help of a computer but this time I can use a mobile telephone to edit successfully,” he said.

Anneli Megner Arn, a trainer from Sweden told the trainees that she was satisfied with the outcome.

“While reviewing the stories they recorded at the beginning, I could realize that they made a couple of mistakes but with time, they mastered how to frame an interview, how to avoid jump cuts and how to respect the 180-degree rule,” she said.

“In order to succeed as a journalist, first of all you really have to love what you are doing.  The employers will evaluate your work and your stories. So, you have to make sure that they are good. This means you have to be ambitious and hard working,” she added.

Assoumani Ntakirutimana, a University coordinator

Assoumani Ntakirutimana who was representing Pax Press said that these trainings are important for a student who is a future job seeker.

“In today’s media World, it is no longer necessary for a journalist to carry a 25-kilograms recorder(camera) and a 40-kilograms tripod, or to travel as a team of seven people for one story. Right now, one person can go to work on a story, whether it’s radio or television,” he said.

He further said that the trainings which was extended to the students of ICK, UR, Mount Kenya University and East Africa University of Rwanda are already bearing fruits.

After completing the training, they have been awarded certificates

A year ago, Pax Press with the support of Fojo Media Institute started a program to help media students in four universities in Rwanda, through the Rwanda Media Program.

Anneli Megner Arn was part of the Expert Mentorship Programme, holding a course for Fojo on TV production.