Paul Rapacioli appointed Director of Fojo Media Institute

Hem/News/Paul Rapacioli appointed Director of Fojo Media Institute

Paul Rapacioli is appointed as the new Director of Media Institute Fojo at Linnaeus University. With extensive experience in both British and Swedish media, including as the founder of the news site The Local, Paul Rapacioli now takes on the role of Director with the task of strengthening journalism in Sweden and internationally.

“My focus as Director at Fojo will be to collaborate with our experts to develop and promote Fojo’s concept of economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable journalism,” says Paul Rapacioli.

Paul Rapacioli began writing for British newspapers and working with digital media in the 1990s. He moved to Sweden in 2003. The following year he founded The Local, providing Swedish news in English. Paul was CEO at The Local until 2018 and during that time, together with co-founder James Savage, established editions in eight other European countries. Paul is currently a member of The Local’s board.

In 2017 Paul wrote a book, Good Sweden Bad Sweden, about how the mechanisms of news, digital communication and disinformation combined to distort the world’s image of Sweden. Since then he has lectured extensively on the subject as well as working as a communications consultant.

”The role of Director at Fojo feels like a perfect way to share what I’ve learned in the last two decades, both about running a news business and about the vital role that journalism plays in society.”

“Journalism is facing many great and overlapping challenges. How to make a news business viable, how to handle the impact of AI on the profession, how to report constructively on climate change, how to get young people to understand the importance of journalism and want to be a part of it, how to turn the tide on declining local news and how to respond to increasing waves of disinformation – these are all urgent issues for the industry to address”

“The fact that Fojo is part of a university is an advantage both in Swedish and international contexts,” says Paul Rapacioli.

“As part of Linnéuniversitet, Fojo has access to an enormous pool of knowledge and ideas in many different disciplines which I believe will help us to find solutions to these problems.”

For Bodil Petersson, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Linnaeus University, where Fojo is located, Paul Rapacioli’s background was the right fit for the mission.

“Our ambition is to strengthen Fojo’s research, training, and collaboration opportunities, both in Sweden and around the world.”

“With his long operational and entrepreneurial experience, coupled with his thinking and writing about the role of news in society, Paul provides Fojo with a new perspective and further expands the broad expertise in the organisation,” says Bodil Petersson.