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The Sustainable Journalism conference: shaping the future of journalism

Last week, the second conference on sustainable journalism took place at the Aga Khan University in Nairobi, Kenya. For three days, top-notch speakers, experts and enthusiasts shared knowledge, connected with peers and discovered the latest trends and innovations in the field.

New BA degree in journalism in Somalia

On the 2nd of March, the Somali National University hosted a launch of the new degree curriculum to inform that a Somali university now offers an internationally recognised BA degree in journalism.

Gender equality and media regulation: 3rd March press release

Gender equality is a public interest issue, upheld in international norms and most national Constitutions as a fundamental human right, with laws prohibiting discrimination.
The clip is from the launch of country reports of in-depth investigation in Bangladesh, Rwanda, Somalia, Sweden and Zimbabwe.

Open letter: Strong support to Ukrainian and Russian independent journalists is support for peace and democracy

Организации публицистов и журналистов Швеции подготовили совместный текст о значении свободы прессы во времена войны и необходимости предоставления российским журналистам возможности временного перемещения в демократические страны в условиях отсутствия свободы слова в их стране.

University learning tour

Fojo recently arranged a university exchange network tour in Rwanda, bringing together nine academics from as many universities in Rwanda, Ethiopia and Somalia.

Reflecting on Resilience: Fojo’s Conference for Media from Eastern Europe in Chisinau

How are Ukrainian media holding up and what are their survival strategies amidst the war? Is it possible to monetize media content during the sharp economic downturn in Eastern Europe? Is there anything independent media from Belarus and Russia can do for their communities while being in exile? How to encourage young people to consume quality journalism and how to combat the unprecedented propaganda influences?

These were the burning questions on everyone’s minds at Fojo’s Fourth Annual Experience Exchange Conference in Chisinau, Moldova. The topic for 2022 was “Practitioners to Practitioners: Content, Audience, and Monetization in the Times of Crisis”.

Rwanda: Annelie Frank shares her experience about being an expert mentor

Annelie Frank, Fojo’s own expert on fact-checking, worked as an expert mentor on the Rwanda Media Programme for two weeks recently. Being an expert mentor in Rwanda means offering your expertise on a voluntary basis. We asked her what it was like to be an expert mentor for Fojo in Rwanda.