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Press Club Belarus team released after nearly 8 months in prison

Almost exactly eight months after their arrest, the four members of Press Club Belarus have been released from prison.

As of the date of the publication (August 30, 2021), there are 650 political prisoners in Belarus of which 27 are journalists and media professionals.

Cовместное обращение

Мы, медиаорганизации и журналистские ассоциации Армении, Грузии, Латвии, Молдовы, Польши, России, Украины и Швеции, выражаем поддержку и солидарность с нашими коллегами из Беларуси.

Joint statement to support colleagues in Belarus

On behalf of media organisations and journalistic associations of Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Sweden we express our support and solidarity with our colleagues from Belarus.