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Senaste nytt

Journalism faculty back in business after 26 years

One of our students is a man who was admitted to the university 26 years ago, in 1990. However, then the civil war broke out and the university closed, so he could never attend.

Eye on Corruption joins hands with A4T for phase III

With continued support from Creative Force (Swedish Institute), Fojo, Transparency International Kenya (TIK) – A4T and the NGO Eye on Corruption have joined hands to highlight corruption in Kenya through investigative journalism mentoring/training.

Reuters journalists charged under colonial-era law

The hope of release for the two journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Saw Oo disappeared in court when the judge decided to charge them under the ‘Official Secrets Act’ for possessing secret state documents.

Meet Somalia’s frontline media workers

In one of the world’s most difficult environments for media workers, a number of Somali media workers have committed themselves to furthering journalistic practices, the voices of marginalized people and women and the safety of journalists with the support of International Media Support and Fojo Media Institute.