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Senaste nytt

“Be a news literate by checking your facts”

With the hike of digitalization across the globe, traditional media is not the only channel for distribution and consuming information. Everyday, social media platforms are flooded with filtered and/or unfiltered, verified and/or unverified information appeared as news.

Bangla Vision: The Fishermen in Bangladesh

Bangla Vision has investigated an unbearable situation the fishermen and their families in Bangladesh face on a daily basis. It is an investigation that has inspired other reporters to do similar stories.

Maasranga TV – the importance of looking good

When the elephant passed by on the other side of the highway in the Dhaka rush hour, it really brought home to me the wonderful imagery that abounds in Bangladesh.

Somali media women breaking ground with gender declaration

“I support this declaration and stand by your side. I believe that if the declaration is implemented, it will encourage female journalists in Somali media houses and lead to good progress in the field”