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World Environment Day: Driving sustainable journalism

In this interview with Fojo’s Anna Maris, we delve into Fojo’s ongoing efforts to make its work in journalism more sustainable. Through carbon budgeting, sustainability certification for courses and refining practices for eco-friendly meetings and conferences, Fojo aims to reduce its environmental footprint and inspire other media development organisations to do the same.

Directory of experts to amplify Ethiopian women’s voices in the media

Ethiopian women are far less likely to be used as media information sources than their male counterparts. To help amplify women’s voices, the Ethiopian Media Women Association, EMWA, has developed a directory of women experts to fill the gender gap and challenge stereotypes. 

Hell is ablaze – but so are we

Yesterday, our Director Kersti Forsberg delivered an inspiring speech during the World Press Freedom Day celebrations held in Stockholm, reminding us of the importance of a free press and the dangers of censorship. Read the full speech here.

Gender and news media in Bangladesh – the way forward

Why gender equality is relevant for news media, and how women journalists could be encouraged to stay on in the sector were critical aspects  discussed at the Bangladesh Gender Equality seminar organised on 17 April 2023 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The event was hosted by MRDI, a media development actor in Bangladesh, and Fojo Media Institute.

ZimMedia21: Increased access to reliable information

The ZimMedia21 programme, which spanned over three years, successfully strengthened independent media, improved access to reliable information for marginalized communities, and contributed to positive changes in media policy.

The Sustainable Journalism conference: shaping the future of journalism

Last week, the second conference on sustainable journalism took place at the Aga Khan University in Nairobi, Kenya. For three days, top-notch speakers, experts and enthusiasts shared knowledge, connected with peers and discovered the latest trends and innovations in the field.

Open letter: Strong support to Ukrainian and Russian independent journalists is support for peace and democracy

Организации публицистов и журналистов Швеции подготовили совместный текст о значении свободы прессы во времена войны и необходимости предоставления российским журналистам возможности временного перемещения в демократические страны в условиях отсутствия свободы слова в их стране.