"We will no longer accept projects where we cant have last say on participants"

19 November, 2018

In the light of the news that a participant at the Scoop Russia project is suspected to have spied for the Russian intelligence service during his time at Fojo in Kalmar, director Kersti Forsberg commented briefly on the events as follows:

  • Fojo has not had any influence over who participated in the course. It is our Danish partner, IMS, who is the lead in the project, and it is the Swedish and Danish invastigative reporting associations that have selected the participants.
  • It is impossible to protect ourselves to 100 percent against infiltration and, unfortunately, Russian journalists are constantly exposed to this type of activity (and worse). This is a security risk that has been on the agenda of our East-European projects for a very long time.
  • It is unfortunate that Fojo did not appoint the course participants. Indeed, there is no guarantee that it could not happen anyway, but it was not good that we could not influence the selection. In future, we will not accept projects if we can't influence or have the last say on who will participate.

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