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Women can be equals!

Over the past week, women and men working in the Somali media sector have come together to discuss gender equality, a subject that is sensitive not only in Somalia but worldwide. The events, organised by the Somali Women Journalists Organisation, address women journalists’ working conditions, ranging from equal pay to sexual harassment. We spoke to one of the participants, freelance journalist Zeinab Abdinoor Mohamed.

New study documents ethnification of the Ethiopian media

“Normally we would argue that journalism is the answer. In the case of Ethiopia, media is also becoming part of the problem. The state of the media in the country is deeply disconcerting,” says…

Visits to Bangla investigative journalism website up 80%

A website in Bangla, set up to help support, train, and connect investigative journalists, has attracted more than 100,000 page views in 12 months, indicating a growing demand for best-practice help, resources, and guidance.

Red Light District in Myanmar: An Elusive Hope of Johns

Amidst virus transmission, police detention, sex-workers in Yangon bet their own lives for survival and some even tested for Covid-19. There is no short-cut to address the issue but rights groups believe legal protection – recognizing sex work as a job or designating red-light district – like neighboring Thailand would decrease a significant number of abuses against prostitutes in the long run.

Journalism matters for peace, justice and strong institutions

The role of journalism in keeping people informed, holding power to account and building a sense of community is indispensable to society. This has been made especially clear during the Covid-19 crisis, where journalists have been on the frontlines of the pandemic, keeping the public informed and holding governments to account for how they respond, or fail to respond, to the crisis.

Covid-19 Second Wave: A Fragile State for Myanmar Journalists

Highly contagious Covid-19 virus second wave believed by health authorities that it ignited from Rakhine State in mid-August stormed off economic sector down in Myanmar and Yangon has become the epicenter of the outbreak.

Cambodia Needs Greater Effort to Protect and Respect Journalists

Phnom Penh–Cambodian journalist Khim Sambo penned an article in late June 2008 for the now-defunct opposition-affiliated newspaper “Khmer Conscience” describing how a senior police chief found himself in a gambling incident in a casino at eastern border town of Bavet.

Myanmar: Legal Reform is a ‘MUST’ for Genuine Media Freedom

This article assesses media freedom under the NLD Government by analyzing the situation of legal reform towards existing laws, which are frequently used to persecute journalists; the number of journalists being prosecuted; and the progress towards achieving right to information.