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Trauma training helps reporters deal with conflict’s aftermath

Many women journalists in Ethiopia’s Tigray region have faced the trauma of covering a devastating civil war. To help them heal and continue their vital work, Fojo, in collaboration with the Ethiopian Womens’ Media Association recently organised a training focused on mental health and trauma reporting.

Media viability in Ethiopia – A digital transformation

The Reporter, a prominent Ethiopian online media platform, has gained substantial online traction and monetised its digital platforms as a result of media viability support from Fojo. Read more about how here.

Combating gender-based violence in African news media 

How do news media deal with gender-based violence? Fojo now launches a unique grant for Rwandan media houses wanting to implement the Kigali Declaration on Gender Violence in and through Media in Africa.

 New study: the role of religion in Ethiopian media  

Ensuring democratic and sustainable journalism involves, among other things, inspiring media actors in their work to understand and present new perspectives. As a part of this, Fojo has, within its programme in Ethiopia, supported a study on religion and media in the country.  

Paul Rapacioli appointed Director of Fojo Media Institute

Paul Rapacioli is appointed as the new Director of Media Institute Fojo at Linnaeus University, taking on the task of strengthening journalism in Sweden and internationally.

Declaration on media and gender violence adopted at AWIM23

Representatives from the media sector, academia and civil society unanimously adopt declaration on gender-based violence in and through the media at AWIM23.

 “Women must push for change”

Women are often excluded from journalism in Bangladesh and the few women who do gain a more influential position in the profession are often following existing patriarchal working patterns, resulting in little change for women journalists in Bangladesh.  However, there are people who try to bring women’s voices, perspectives, and leadership into Bangladeshi journalism. One of them is Munima Sultana, special correspondent at Financial Express (FE), who, after working for more than ten years in a news agency, took on the challenge of going into finance journalism – an area with very few women.