New year, new strategy for a partner in Zimbabwe

Hem/News/New year, new strategy for a partner in Zimbabwe

MISA-Zimbabwe is one of the oldest media development organisations in the country, and has been working with Fojo since 2007 when Fojo first came to Zimbabwe. Among its major achievements is playing a key advocacy role in having freedom of expression and access to information enshrined in the new constitution that was enacted in 2013.

MISA-Zimbabwe’s work is often slow and tedious, and cannot be accomplished without the dedication of a strong team.

Faced with the challenges of dwindling funding for the development sector in Zimbabwe, Fojo has provided extensive capacity building for all its partner organisations in Zimbabwe over the last six months, of which MISA-Zimbabwe has benefited. This strategy review process aims to help them sharpen their focus and improve their visibility on Zimbabwe’s media landscape.

Jean Mujati
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