List of Trusted News Sources from Belarus

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Fojos local partners in Belarus have picked some of the most reliable news sources in the country and made this list.

In Belarussian and Russian

TUT.BY — the largest news portal of Belarus, covers 67% of all local Internet users. Has more more than 2 million daily users. The portal has a professional team that presents news in compliance with all journalistic standards. Thanks to this, the portal is constantly among the leaders of the MediaIQ rating for quality journalism and respect for journalistic standards:

BelaPAN – the oldest news agency in Belarus, established in 1991. Produces news in Belarusian, Russian and English in real time. Has a reputation of an independent, reliable and timely source of information. Belorusskie Novosti – the first Belarusian internet newspaper, a project of the information company BelaPAN, reports on the most important events in the country and the world: – one of the most popular Belarusian resources, which was originally dedicated to the information on digital technology. For the last several years, the portal has actually occupied the second place after TUT.BY in the information field. Its coverage of the Belarusian audience is over 24%:

Euroradio – an independent radio station and a multimedia portal. The main language of broadcasting and texts is Belarusian, but there is a Russian-language version of the site. Broadcasting is carried out from Warsaw; journalists work in Minsk (there is an accredited correspondent office). The monthly coverage of readers and listeners is about 3 million people:

Nasha Niva – the legendary first Belarusian newspaper “Nasha Niva” was founded in 1906 and revived in 1991. The publication supports the Belarusian national culture and language. There is a section in Russian. The first Belarusian digital media outlet to introduce paid subscription. They also publish a monthly print magazine “Gistorya” and two print magazines for children in Belarusian. The leader in terms of audience in the Belarusian-speaking segment of the Internet:

Salidarnasts – a media outlet founded in 2006. Once it was a print newspaper, now it is a website. The publication does not have a physical editorial office. It monitors key political, economic and social events in Belarus and the world, is famous for its journalism: – a city magazine about Minsk, launched in 2012. It pays a lot of attention to the problems of the city and its people. Together with the Minsk inhabitants, the team he was forced to delve into politics. The site has over a million unique visitors per month:

In English

Belsat TV is one of the most frequently updated news sources from Belarus in English. Belsat TV was formed in 2007 by a group of Belarusian and Polish journalists as part of Telewizja Polska S.A. in partnership with Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and several European governments and foundations. Belsat TV’s original content is prepared by more than 100 associates from all over Belarus supported by around 80 editors, managers and technicians in Warsaw.