Impact Report 2022 – Improving journalism sustainability worldwide 

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Towards sustainable journalism worldwide

Fojo Media Institute launches its first impact report.

Fojo Media Institute, a leading international media development organisation based in Sweden, has launched its first-ever Impact Report, highlighting its efforts to improve the sustainability and impact of journalism worldwide.

The 2022 Impact Report presents a transformative year for Fojo, with the implementation of a new organisational strategy along with new fundraising and communications strategies and the establishment of the Sustainable Journalism Partnership.

“The Impact Report is a crucial step on a learning and accountability journey that will ensure our long-term sustainability and impact across our programmes” says Kersti Forsberg, Director of Fojo Media Institute. “We are proud to launch this report and share our progress with our funders and partners within media development.”

The Impact Report presents a range of impact stories along with data that demonstrate the effectiveness of Fojo’s work, from strengthening local media in Rwanda to empowering women journalists in Somalia and ensuring the sustainable development of media in Sweden. It also gives and overview of the transformative journey Fojo Media Institute now sets out on.

As an organisation committed to improving the sustainability and impact of journalism worldwide, Fojo Media Institute’s Impact Report demonstrates its commitment to transparency, accountability and learning. By continuously evaluating its work and progress, Fojo moves into the future equipped to continue to empower journalists and media organisations to produce independent, reliable, and impactful journalism for the public.

Fojo’s Impact Report is available for download here and on