Fojo 1972 – 2022 – Hector Barajas

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Hector Barajas

“We need more colleagues that know how priceless it is to enjoy press freedom. We need more colleagues that understand how important it is to protect that freedom, that we can never take it for granted, that we need civil courage and strong will to resist those powerful people and organisations that want to constrain our freedom and censor our work, as their likes (…)  already have done in different countries in Europe.

We need therefore more and better trained journalists right now and we will need them in the future as well, if we want to keep on doing good for our beloved Sweden. Fojo has been, is today, and will be a key player in achieving this.

Fojo is like that, a wise, loving parent, softly holding our heads and inspiring our hearts, so that we can keep our eyes on our goals; so that we can keep on taking steps to do even better journalism and investigations; so that we can continue meeting to reflect on our profession and share our experiences with each other.

Fojo is that vigorous, upright and brave parent, coach and tutor we all want alive for many years to come. Because our duty is to benefit society and it does not have a deadline.”

Excerpt from speech given by the editor-in-chief of the Swedish local newspaper Barometern OT, Hector Barajas, during Fojo’s 50th anniversary celebrations at Linneaus University on 1 September in Kalmar: