Eye on Corruption joins hands with A4T for phase III

Hem/News/Eye on Corruption joins hands with A4T for phase III

With continued support from Creative Force (Swedish Institute), Fojo, Transparency International Kenya (TIK) – A4T and the NGO Eye on Corruption have joined hands to highlight corruption in Kenya through investigative journalism mentoring/training.

Corruption affects almost every sector and public service institution in Kenya and other East African countries. According to the 2017 East African Bribery Index, 83% of the Kenyan respondents described the level of corruption in their country as high. This project will be instrumental in enabling journalists investigate systemic corruption within the government that is affecting provision of basic services like health and education, where women, children and other disadvantaged groups would mostly bear the brunt.

The third phase of the Eye of Corruption Global Network project (2018-2019) will be implemented with our partner Transparency International Kenya (TIK) and leading investigative reporters (Nils Resare and Carolina Jemsby).

The aim with the project is to:

  • Improve knowledge and build capacity on reporting on suspected corruption in Kenya
  • Connect leading journalists specialized in covering corruption with journalists in Sweden
  • Improve knowledge and user skills of tools to uncover corruption
  • Networks of investigative journalists specialized in covering corruption in Kenya and Sweden strengthened and developed
  • Capacity improved to cover corruption among the targeted journalists and civil society representatives in Kenya

Main activities

  • Establish a mentorship program for investigative journalists in Kenya
  • Educational trainings/seminars on methods to uncover corruption, promote gender sensitive reporting and how to collect, disseminate and analyse data using
  • Maintaining and improving digital platforms (A4T) for disseminating and uploading information in Kenya and Sweden focusing on corruption
  • Follow-up activities to ensure sustainability of the networks for investigative journalists.
  • The activities will focus on mentoring of journalists and working with a real case. All the activities will take place in Kenya.


Eye of Corruption was established in 2013 by leading Swedish investigative journalists, specializing in covering cross-border corruption. In 2014, Eye of Corruption and Fojo set up the Eye of Corruption Global Network. The establishment of the network (the first project phase 2014-2015) was also supported by the Swedish Institute.

During the second phase, 2016-2017, Fojo worked closely with partner Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) and leading members from the Eye of Corruption Sweden (Nils Resare, Carolina Jemsby and Emanuel Sidea from Blank Spot). The project strengthened anti-corruption networks, connected investigative journalists in the region with investigative reporters in Sweden, as well as pushed for greater involvement from female investigative journalists in the MENA-region. Activities included educational webinars with selected investigative journalists from nine MENA countries (Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Palestine and Yemen), network gatherings/workshops as well as focused work with an investigative case in the MENA-region.

Presently Eye on Corruption Global Network have members/partners from the following countries: Sweden, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia and Jordan.