Government assignment Sweden

Fojo Media Institute´s mission to pursue continuing education and further training of professional journalists is based on a government regulation from 2001.
According to this, the education should be designed so that it
- provides the in-depth knowledge that journalists need to contribute to active democratic society through active, investigative and independent journalism,
- develops journalists' professional skills

Since 2010, Fojo Media Institute is under Linnaeus University. In a government decision 2012-01-12, the university is assigned the task of "continuing training and further education of professional journalists. Linnaeus University may, within the framework of this activity, carry out tasks in international development cooperation. "
Fojo Media Institute is led by a separate board.

Here you can read more about Fojo's assignment:
Regulation on the Institute for Further Education of Journalists (SFS 2001: 1132)
Mission to Linnaeus University to undertake further education and further training of professional journalists (Government Decree 2012-01-12)