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Educating the Rwandan Journalists of Tomorrow

RW SJC meetingA big audience had assembled to celebrate the launch of the programme. The moderator, Professor Margaret Jjuuko (left) guided everybody through the event.Fojo Media Institute and the School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) at the University of Rwanda have launched a new partnership.
It is a four year programme that will strengthen the capacity of SJC and the education of the Rwandan journalists of tomorrow. The programme is financed by Sweden.

Photos: Anki Wood and Björn Widmark

Read more from the launch here.

Fojo volunteers to Kigali

RW Volontarer HT2016Ylva M Andersson, Felix Larnö, Daniel Jonsson, Anna Tainio, Ia Wadendal, Tomas Jennebo and Håkan Montelius. Not part of the photos, but also part of this great group: Niclas Ericsson, Annelie Frank and Victoria Engstrand-Neacsu.Fojo has gathered the first group of Swedish journalists who has joined Fojo´s new volunteering program in Kigali, Rwanda. The aim of the program is to to support and strengthen the School of Journalism and Communication in order to make the education more practical, professional and student focused. In September the first group of volunteers will travel to Kigali.

-We are delighted over the big interest from Swedish journalists that wants to work as volunteers in Rwanda, says Johan Romare, International Director. We have great hopes to introduce the volunteer program also to other countries where Fojo work.

The project will be ongoing for at least three more years and is funded by Sida.

Fojo:s första volontärer på plats i Rwanda

Annelie Frank, Ia Wadendal och Ylva M Andersson blev de första volontärerna som åkte till School of Journalism and Communication i Kigali.

Fojo kommer att sända ungefär tio journalister per termin för att stärka undervisningen på journalisthögskolan vid University of Rwanda. Här är deras berättelse om mötet med studenterna på SJC.

Se bilder från volontärprojektet här.

Festus Ndungutse
Festus Ndungutse

New student newspaper in Rwanda with support from Fojo

The first ever issue of the student newspaper Kaminuza Star has been printed! 
2000 copies arrived at School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) in Kigali, Rwanda in the end of April.
- I am so proud of the wonderful journalist students at SJC!, says Festus Ndungutse.
He manages the layout, design and web version of the newspaper, and is now very happy.
- The students are shaping the future of journalism in Rwanda.


Through a four year programme of capacity building Fojo Media Institute together with the School of Journalism and Communication at University of Rwanda, and financed by the Swedish government, aim to create a school of excellence to educate the Rwandan journalists of tomorrow.

1. The programme will strengthen the academic and professional advancement of the staff at the SJC. The curriculum and syllabus will be developed further and a Masters Degree in Journalism and Communication studies will be established.
2. Trainers will help students understand media’s social, economic and political role in a democracy and make sure they are able to conduct professional journalism in an evolving media landscape. The needs of students will be monitored and addressed.
3. Journalism education and training at SJC will be more adapted to the needs of the professional demands of the media industry as well as contributing significantly to Rwandan media reforms.
4. The SJC regional and international networks will be improved and exchange programmes for teachers and students explored. The programme will engage regional and international journalists within the media industry to train the students as well as establish networks for future collaboration.
5. The professional working relations and exchanges between the Rwandan media industry and SJC will be improved and extended.
6. Finally, more efficient institutional, administrative and management structures and routines will be established at SJC.

The program has commissioned Transparency International Rwanda to do a baseline study and eight background analysis of the media context and the environment in which SJC operates. You can find the study and the analysis here.

RW SJC banner 920

Rwanda: A radio show is born

“Yeah! Huye Today Magazine! The show we just updated for you, dear listeners!”

Christophe sways in front of the microphone, with feeling in his resonant voice. Jean Claude, the co-host, picks up his part of the presentation right on cue. The two students sound like true professionals.

At Radio Salus, the student radio station of the School of Journalism at the University of Rwanda in Huye, the trainees quickly pick up the necessary skills to broadcast. They get to spend many intense and rewarding hours in the studio, doing their part of air time at one of Rwanda's most popular radio stations.

Strengthened Journalism Education of Students in Rwanda


RW SJC staff BjornWidmarkFiona Muthoni, Deo Jyamubandi, Joseline Uwitonze, Andrew Mateso and Claudine Uwajeneza wearing the project T-shirt at the launch. Photo: Björn WidmarkEducating the Rwandan Journalists of Tomorrow. This is the catch phrase for the new capacity building programme launched at the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Rwanda in Kigali in September 2015.

The phrase was minted by a group of students and they are now looking forward to a four year programme that will strengthen their education and provide them with new opportunities for the future.

Students from our project in Rwanda about a course

Workshop Journalism is one of the last courses before the students graduate at School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) in Kigali, Rwanda. The course focuses on practical exercises that incorporates writing, radio and television. Volunteers Fredrik Nejman and Agneta Nordin has been at the school and taught the course in February.

Here you can hear three of the students talk about their experiences.

The volunteer program in Kigali up and running

RW SJC volontarstart 1The volunteer program to support the School of Journalism and Communication in Kigali, Rwanda, is now up and running. And the three first volunteers have now begun.

- We are very excited to kick start the program and support the education to become more practical, professional and student focused, they said.

The project will be ongoing for at least three more years and is funded by Sida.

From left: Johan Romare, Ylva M Andersson, Kerstin Engström, Ia Wadendal, Anki Wood, Annelie Frank and Sofie Byrnes Gullberg

Towards a Journalism Education of Excellence in Rwanda

RW SJC seminarium 4081 Anki Wood nyPhoto: Anki WoodStudents of journalism and practicing journalists in Rwanda are looking forward to a four-year Capacity Building Program designed by the School Journalism and Communication in partnership with Fojo Media Institute and funded by Sweden.

The revelation was made during a networking conference in Kigali where different stakeholders discussed the four-year programme, which is aimed at capacity building for the School but also to improving relations with the Rwandan media. 68 media managers, journalists, academics and students attended the conference.

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