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"We need to discuss how gender equality can contribute to independence, self-regulation and quality journalism"

MM Agneta 2 Media Development Conf 2016- We need to discuss how gender equality can contribute to independence, self-regulation and quality journalism, says Agneta Jacobsson while launching the IMS-Fojo in Myanmar study ”Gender in the Myanmar Media Landscape” at the fifth Conference on the Media Development in Myanmar.

The new research is focused not only on Yangon but represents what is happening in the states and divisions (of Myanmar), an almost unexplored area when it comes to gender equality in the media.

Gender and Ethnicity in Focus at Upcoming Annual Myanmar Media Development Conference

The fifth Media Development Conference, tentatively scheduled for 7-8 November, will lavish special attention on issues of gender and ethnicity in Myanmar media. This was the message coming out of a preparatory steering committee meeting on 1 October in which Minister of Information Dr Pe Myint took part in discussions on the theme and agenda of the Conference.

Report from 5th Myanmar Media Development Conference

Under the heading “Inclusive, independent media in a new democracy”, the 5th annual Myanmar Media Development Conference took place 7 – 8 November 2016 in Yangon, the first to be held under the new democratically elected government.
The conference featured government representatives, media owners, human rights activists, and media practitioners from different ethnic backgrounds.
Gender inequality in media and the challenges of ethnic and community media were at the heart of discussions.
Picking up on the themes of previous media development conferences, panelists from Myanmar’s media community, government and invited international media development experts took stock of media reforms in areas such as media law, the safety of journalists and community media.

This report summarises the main points from the two day conference.

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