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Bangladesh has a vibrant media landscape with nearly 200 national newspapers and 30 TV stations, and the sector is growing rapidly. Together with our local partner MRDI, Fojo is working with the main media houses and the most skilled male and female journalists to improve investigative journalism in a five-year project initiated in 2016.

We believe that the journalists and editors themselves are the true experts who know how to make improvements, so the program is designed to meet the requirements from our partners and the activities are customized.

We provide support in the areas of media management, research and presentation techniques, safety and security and ethics in reporting, with a constant focus on achieving results through getting more and better investigative stories published in Bangladeshi media.

Discussing Support to Quality Journalism in Bangladesh

BD tv foto 2 nyInternational killing makes international news. TV crew covering the crime scene where an Italian NGO worker was gunned down in Dhaka’s diplomatic quarters early October.                               Photo:Johan Romare

Media in Bangladesh is vibrant but under increased pressure. Self-censorship is on the rise and media houses struggle to keep the freedom they had for decades.

In October Fojo was in Dhaka to discuss possible support to quality journalism the coming years. And it looks promising.

The first week of October 2015 Fojo’s Johan Romare and Kajsa Törnroth were in Dhaka to meet journalists, media houses, media development organisations, universities and human rigths activists to discuss possible Swedish support to quality journalism in Bangladesh.

Investigative Journalism Partnership in Bangladesh

MRDI and Fojo Media Institute invite interested media houses to apply for support from the new Investigative Journalism Partnership (IJP) mechanism. The Investigative Journalism Partnership is dedicated to improving the scope and overall quality of independent investigative reporting in Bangladesh. The call is open 16th May-8th June 2017.

Our offer to successful applicants is to provide expertise and other resources in the production of quality investigative journalism and to develop new formats for investigative journalism.

The IJP is part of a five-year project jointly implemented by Fojo Media Institute and MRDI. Between 2017 and 2020 there will be calls at least twice a year. The next call is planned for October 2017 and will also be open to groups of independent journalists.

Investigative Journalism Partnership launched in Bangladesh

Today Fojo Media Institute and our partner MRDI launched the Investigative Journalism Partnership in Bangladesh. Representatives from 16 media houses participated and now we are very curious about what investigations they will suggest.
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Powerpoint presentations from Introductory Workshop: Hasibur Rahman, Sofia Hultqvist and Annicka Flovin.

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