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Gender equality is not a women’s issue

From the time when modern news media was born, men have dominated the industry. Both in terms of representation in content and among reporters behind the stories. In recent years some radical changes can be seen in this pattern, with interesting regional variations.

In Cambodia, CCIM strives to increase gender sensitivity and gender mainstream

Almost one year ago, in July 2019, Cambodia Center for Independent Media (CCIM) was one of the two local partners of Fojo Media Institute in Southeast Asia, that received in-house training workshop on Gender and Institutional Assessment from Woman Organization for Change in Agriculture & NRM (WOCAN).

Somali women protested against offensive advert

In April, the Somali Women Journalists Organisation (SWJO) protested against an advert that contained criteria regarded as insult and discrimination against Somali female journalists seeking employment in the state media.

Somali media women breaking ground with gender declaration

“I support this declaration and stand by your side. I believe that if the declaration is implemented, it will encourage female journalists in Somali media houses and lead to good progress in the field”

Vietnam well ahead on gender issues in media

Vietnam’s media shows strong gender equity on a number of levels, including meaningful representation and strong role models in all areas of work and management by both genders.

Getting Gender on the Training Agenda

“It’s a challenge to get trainees released for gender training. Both bosses and journalists want more practical courses,” said the Executive Director of a training centre in Vietnam.